Why work with us
Affordable Pricing, Premium Quality

We offer the best pricing on the market since the majority of our staff is in Russia. Everyone knows that matryoshkas and Kalashnikovs form the basis of Russian imports and that Russians are unequivocally the champions of chess, right?

Tailored for Startups

We understand the particular needs and challenges that emerging startups face, so we orient our services to best fit the needs of early stage ventures.

CONTRACTOR SERVICE OR 360’ Full-House Development

You may have a CTO, but need a team of developers- we’ll find the right team for you.  Or you have a team, but don’t have a developer with a particular skillset—we’ll find him/her for you. Or you may only have a great idea—we’ll work together to realize the final product.

Offices in LA, Moscow and Los Cabos

Our client hub is in LA and main development lab in Moscow, with an affiliate lab conveniently located in Los Cabos, so you can easily drop in and take part of the working process.

Cultivation of startups

Application development can be compared with the cultivation of wheat - with the correct technology and optimizing business processes, as well as spare no water and enthusiasm, we are helping to grow a ton of applications

Trusted partnership with investors

We are in partnership with leading venture funds, so you can not just rely on the development of applications, but also to help in its promotion and funding.

Successful start of your digital business

We have made not the only one successful digital solution, and make another one for you!


We develop e-shops on custom platforms as well as using the SaaS services. We made more than hundred e-shops which successfully generates revenue

we are experts in

An outside analysis of your product will reveal weaknesses in positioning, eliminate vulnerabilities, increase productivity, and improve user experience.



The world’s technology trends indicate product market that’s constantly evolving. If you need enhancements, product maintenance support, we’re ready to provide our extensive expertise.



A solid development process combines multiple technologies, platforms, and approaches. We focus on modern trends and technologies and only offer you the best solution for each specific task.



Great design is not just wrapping paper around a product. Great design is the communicative medium that differentiates your product in the marketplace. We use an iterative approach, collect feedback at every stage, and make corresponding changes to new versions.



If you like our approach and regardless of where you are in your project, why don’t we start thinking together about it? Leave us a message or call us and we’ll discuss how we can work together to find a digital solution for your project.