CONTRACTOR SERVICE OR 360’ Full-House Development
Professional Support for your IT and Digital Teams

At CODIGY, we believe in big ideas and brazen teams who venture to tackle the exciting challenges necessary to realize those ideas. Having a new, ambitious project can sometimes mean that certain aspects of its execution are beyond your current team’s capabilities. Smart outsourcing can boost your team’s resource allocation without sacrificing the quality of your products or your vision.

CODIGY’s Contractor Services will provide you with staff members to assist your team with additional IT and digital skills. With development labs in Mexico and Russia, Codigy guarantees affordable rates and premium contractor work.

CODIGY Contractors Can Assist You In Several Ways

Our developers, engineers, designers and IT professionals can supplement your team’s skills by supplying much-needed expertise. This will ensure you receive a stellar product without having to comprise your timeline.

Hiring a CCODIGY contractor will significantly lower the cost of building your product since you no longer have to worry about employment taxes, benefits, trainings, and other overhead. You can stop worrying and focus on what truly matters.

You stay ahead of the game by hiring a CODIGY contractor since we constantly focus on improving our team’s skill set so that we can continue adding state-of-the-art knowledge to your team.

CODIGY guarantees premium results and absolute confidentiality

Our professionals come from a wide array of industries, so we ensure that each contractor is perfectly suited to our clients’ requirements. Our team operates under strict confidentiality, non-disclosure, and non-competition agreements. You can trust our expertise while maintaining the peace of mind that your project is in the hands of industry experts.

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