Why work with us

Every specialist is a pro in their field from within the scope of their expertise. Our is:

Affordable Pricing, Premium Quality

The CODIGY team of software developers, designers and analytics offers solutions built specifically for your business. Our creativity and expertise will ensure that we build a custom, multi-platform applications that covers your business goals, or share our knowledge to help your existing assets shine.

Tailored for Startups

We understand the particular needs and challenges that emerging startups face, so we orient our services to best fit the needs of early stage ventures.

CONTRACTOR SERVICE OR 360’ Full-House Development

At CODIGY, we believe in big ideas and teams that venture to take over the world. Having a new, ambitious project can sometimes mean that certain aspects of its execution are beyond your team’s capabilities. Smart outsourcing can temporarily boost your team’s resource without sacrificing the quality of your products or your vision.

Offices in LA, Moscow and Los Cabos

Our development hubs are located in two opposite corners of the world, with one in Moscow, Russia and the other in Los Cabos, Mexico. Our project management team is based in Los Angeles, California. This way, you can be sure that we will always have our finger on the pulse of your project, whatever your time zone.

Ready to Build Something?

If our approach sounds like a fit for you and your project, we would be happy to brainstorm together about how we can best collaborate and be a resource for you.