Offices in LA, Moscow and Los Cabos

At CODIGY, meeting clients’ expectations is the bare minimum; CODIGY’s teams strive to exceed client expectations and are satisfied only when clients are “wowed” by the noticeable value-add our technical solutions provide their businesses. From our humble beginnings a decade ago, our work has grown to impress a client web that now stretches across the globe.

Our team unites the highest technological skills with perceptive industry knowledge to constantly modify our proprietary processes and methodologies for faster quality result delivery. Our experts deeply understand finance, telecom, energy, automotive, travel, and aviation sectors and we welcome collaboration with companies that have a vision and desire to realize perfect digital solutions.

Our Core Values
  • Expertise, knowledge and innovation. We strongly believe that knowledge is power and we’re eager to share this knowledge with our clients.
  • Simply “done” is not good enough. We believe in discovering and building the perfect solution that will go beyond the bare minimum expectation.
  • Global solutions for a global world. Our teams are based across the world, as are our clients. We believe that borders exist only in people’s minds.
  • Methodical processes and detailed organization make ideas shine. A great idea is nothing without a logical and organized path toward its delivery.

if you’re looking for experienced, dedicated and innovative experts for your next big idea – drop us a line!